Monday, September 12, 2011

Village of Ridgewood Remembrance Service

As the sun set, I left Veteran's Park in Glen Rock and headed back to Ridgewood to photograph their Remembrance Service at Van Neste Square in the center of town.
Residents reading the program in the darkness.  With such low light, photo opportunities were a challenge, but two other photographers and I tried not to be intrusive with our flash units.
The Interfaith Religious Leaders of Ridgewood took turns at the podium, each reading lines dedicated to each victim, part of a poem dedicated to "Ridgewood's Twelve" as they are known. 
The Mayor, Council, and Firemans Honor Guard
Singer presented a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.
With the 9/11 memorial behind her, and residents standing in respect, the local cantor sang "God Bless America"
Sixty photos of this, and the other Ridgewood Memorial, can be found by clicking here on Ridgewood  (They are not in order).

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