Friday, June 8, 2012

Space Shuttle Enterprise Arrives at Intrepid

Captured 7 consecutive shots to create this panorama of the throngs of people on the pier who waited hours for the entire Shuttle operation to be completed.
Enterprise paused respectfully at Ground Zero, the site of the new Freedom Tower.
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The Shuttle was welcomed aboard her new home at Intrepid on Wednesday, as she made her way up the Hudson, surrounded by a flotilla of Police and Coast Guard boats and private vessels.  The banks of the River on both the NJ and NY sides were thronged with people enjoying the sight of this beautiful space craft being slowly towed upriver to the Flight Deck. I was honored to be chosen to photograph the event for Intrepid.

Quite a spectacle!  Helicopters overhead, international coverage.

Crews working to affix the bright yellow harness to the sides of the Enterprise. After the harness was attached, the crane lifted it slowly off the ground and rotated it to the right and onto the Flight Deck.
Workers positioning the wheels "just so" for proper weight distribution on the Flight Deck of Intrepid.
She's home!
The crews of Bay Crane and Weeks Marine working together with members of United Space Alliance are shown with Matt Woods, EVP of Operations, and Susan Marenoff-Zausner, President of Intrepid.

 My husband, Eric Boehm, Curator of Aviation and Aircraft Restoration, welcoming the Enterprise ..
He and his team will now be responsible for her upkeep.  Quite an honor!

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