Monday, July 2, 2012

Wyckoff Cruise-In photos: "Every Car Tells a Story"

Catching up on blog posts today.  These photos are from June 20 at the "cruise-in" in Wyckoff, shot for  (Click to enlarge any photo).  Many of these cars have fascinating stories .. Two were used in the Mets ticker tape parade in 1986, one riding Howard Johnson, another, baseball great Keith Hernandez.  Another car is owned by the co-writer of the hit "Short Shorts".  Another car was featured in two calendars. For all the stories of the cars and their owners, and many more photos, please click link here.
This Mustang drove Keith Hernandez in the 1986 Mets ticker tape parade.

This Cobra was made in South Africa, but the glove box is signed by Carroll Shelby.

This beauty is owned by Tom Austin, drummer for the 1956-1965 group "The Royal Teens" and co-writer of the 1957 hit "Short Shorts". Click here to read all about it.
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