Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Backyard Birds

We've got a wonderful flock of birds in our yard who provide endless hours of entertainment for us.  We watch them every day and get to know them as individuals.  We post regularly to our bird book and have counted 30 different types so far.  They're always in the good company of several chipmunks and many squirrels as well.  Here are a few recent images, all shot with my Nikon D300S and my 70-200mm VR II lens .. Click on any photo to enlarge.
 This Grackle took a refreshing bath and sat there for the longest time, cooling his tail in the water.
 Ah, that awkward teenage transition from juvenile to adult as they get their full feathers in.
 One of our bird feeders, this one outside the kitchen window.  The three little guys on the window sill are in what we call "the waiting room."  The Sparrows figured out that only 2-3 birds can be on the feeder at the same time.  They are patient, but territorial.
 A drowsy baby Sparrow in the sunshine on our backyard bench.
 Abstract Sparrow on umbrella.
 Male Goldfinch in flight.
 Nuthatch looking for something good in there.
Very young Chickadee still going through transitions with his feathers.  Adorable!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ramapo Rally - BTCNJ - Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey 2012

Every year for the past five years, Eric and I have worked a rest stop for the riders who participate in our Club's annual Ramapo Rally, held each August in the hills of Northern New Jersey.  This year, we chose the Denville Rest Stop which takes care of hungry and thirsty riders doing either 100 or 125 miles.  We had perfect weather and a great team.  Here are some of the photos from the day.  (Click on any photo to enlarge).
Our theme again this year was "Tropical Paradise" .. The riders enjoyed our hula girl and the upbeat Summer music as they took a breather before going back on the road.
The gorgeous weather brought out 1,100 pre-registered riders for the Rally and we estimate another 300 or so showed up that morning to ride. 
 This guy just couldn't resist a little dance to loosen up his legs.
 Felipe, our on-site bike mechanic from Bicycle II Shop on Route 17, helped riders with flats and other mechanical issues.
We spent the day making PB&J sandwiches and making sure that the fruit was freshly cut and the water and Gatorade jugs were full and cold.
 One of the many pelotons which rolled into the site for a brief rest and some refreshments.
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Natonal Night Out in Teaneck

Tuesday marked National Night Out Against Crime .. National Night Out promotes neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships for safer neighborhoods.I photographed the well-attended event for Teaneck Patch.  Here are some of the images.  (Click on any photo to enlarge).
Two young girls showing off their Teaneck Police Department wrist bands and tattoos.

These little guys were given firemen hats from a fireman who gladly answered all their questions.

It was a relaxing night out for the Police Force, too.

High school friends having a laugh together on the inflatable slide.

Motorcycle police chatting with a young resident.

Votee Park was full of laughter and activity all evening.

A highlight of National Night Out was the arrival of an Army Jet Ranger helicopter on the field adjacent to the festivities.

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