Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Backyard Birds

We've got a wonderful flock of birds in our yard who provide endless hours of entertainment for us.  We watch them every day and get to know them as individuals.  We post regularly to our bird book and have counted 30 different types so far.  They're always in the good company of several chipmunks and many squirrels as well.  Here are a few recent images, all shot with my Nikon D300S and my 70-200mm VR II lens .. Click on any photo to enlarge.
 This Grackle took a refreshing bath and sat there for the longest time, cooling his tail in the water.
 Ah, that awkward teenage transition from juvenile to adult as they get their full feathers in.
 One of our bird feeders, this one outside the kitchen window.  The three little guys on the window sill are in what we call "the waiting room."  The Sparrows figured out that only 2-3 birds can be on the feeder at the same time.  They are patient, but territorial.
 A drowsy baby Sparrow in the sunshine on our backyard bench.
 Abstract Sparrow on umbrella.
 Male Goldfinch in flight.
 Nuthatch looking for something good in there.
Very young Chickadee still going through transitions with his feathers.  Adorable!

For more photos, please visit my soon-to-be re-vamped website ..Click here.

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