Friday, December 7, 2012

Red Breasted Nuthatch spotted

With the odd weather we've had the past few years in northern New Jersey, including our first hurricane in ages, its not surprising that our wildlife would be affected.  One of the benefits (we're told) is that Red Breasted Nuthatches have made a few appearances in our area.  I was lucky enough to capture one with my camera last Friday, November 30.  Here he (or she) is, along with a few other backyard visitors spotted recently in our yard.

My Red Breasted Nuthatch photo was featured today on author Jim Wright's blog from the Celery Farm, a local bird habitat.  Click here to see his posting and blog.  As a local birding expert, Jim also writes a weekly column on birding for The Bergen Record newspaper.

This was a "no-acorn" year, so the squirrels have been raiding the suet even more than usual.
The Sparrows can see me through the kitchen window, but its such a common sight that'd they are more curious about me than anything.

This little Sparrow is puffed up on a frozen branch, trying to keep warm during the day-long snowfall we had after Hurricane Sandy.

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