Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Shore .. Six weeks after Sandy

Hurricane Sandy made landfall at the Jersey the shore six weeks ago.  For Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach, recovery is still very much underway.  Eric and I went down yesterday as part of a business trip.  Here are a few of the images.  (Click on any to enlarge).

Today, Eric and I assisted the Moonachie-Little Ferry Relief Fund by going door to door to check in on storm victims closer to our home.  In Little Falls and Moonachie, residents had just 20 minutes to act before a five foot wall of water surged through their neighborhoods, drenching everything in their basements and on the street, including their cars.

Most of those who answered their doors to us seemed to be doing OK.  Most had already removed wet sheetrock and remediated the mold issue. Others just wanted to tell us their stories.  We located and reported one home with a small child where toxic mold could become a serious issue.

For residents who were not at home, we left a brochure with a phone number to call to receive free, volunteer help for whatever issues they may have, related to the storm.  Anyone can help by contacting the Volunteer Center of Bergen County by clicking here.

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