Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nature by Nikon .. Continued

Here I am at week 3 of my Fine Art Nature Photography class with Kathleen Clemons at PPSOP.com.  We're learning to do mirrored images in CS and in PSE.  We're also experimenting with the Orton Method a/k/a sandwiching.  Here are a couple of my images:

Cicada .. Intentionally shallow depth of field using Vivitar Macro +10 filter.  Applied dry brush effect and flattened image. 

Doubly mirrored, panned image.  Mirrored first image horizontally, then used that image and mirrored it vertically.
 Applied sprayed strokes effect.  Started to clean up the water using the clone tool and decided to keep going for an implied waterline and a more graphic effect.
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