Friday, February 21, 2014

Intrepid Kids Week - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday, I went back to Intrepid to photograph a second day of Kids Week which runs from February 15th through the 23rd.  There are always a wonderful variety of performances, activities, and interesting facts to learn for not just the kids, but parents as well.  The event is held annually when the NYC Public School system has winter break.  Today's theme was "Animal Safari" and here are some of the images from the day.  Click on any photo to enlarge.

Master Falconer Lorrie Schumacher showing the Barn Owl from Talons of Prey.  She and her daughter, Talon Skye, brought several raptors with them.

Chris Evers, Director and Founder of Animal Embassy brought several animals to the Intrepid, two of which are "Costa" and "Rica", tree frogs.

Young man delighted to hold a very fat African bull frog which can sleep for a full year.

Talon with her European Eagle Owl named Big Mama.
 Big Mama and the kids of Camp Intrepid.
 Kids were attentive as Chris Evers brought out more animals, one at a time, and taught the kids about each one.
 The daughter of an Intrepid employee visited her Mom at work and got to feed a tortoise.
 Young people getting a lesson on the life which lives in the Hudson River, from a representative of the Hudson River Park Trust.
 Lorri and the Barn Owl entertaining a group of adults and children.
 Again, the little darling of the raptors had everyone's attention.
 Actors from the Wildlife Theater of the Central Park Zoo were colorful and attention-getting.  The kids loved them.
 Talon and "Big Mama" walking off the stage toward the audience, to give them a closer look at the European Eagle Owl.

 Kids Week was well attended on Wednesday.
 The Harris Hawk, named Pichu, about to take off.  He flew around the Hangar Deck and through the arms of people on stage. 
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