Sunday, July 20, 2014

Home Renovation photos - Interior and Exterior

Back in April, I completed four stained glass windows for a beautiful home in NJ which had been ravaged by a fire.  The windows were installed in the kitchen.  Here's my Boehm Stained Glass Studio blog link to the windows.  The contractor hired me again, this time to photograph the exterior and interior of this green-built home, his latest pride and joy.  These photos serve as a record of his work, but may also be used on his website or for advertising purposes. Take a look .. Click on any photo to enlarge.

I created a panorama for this photo, then ran it through HDR software.  I especially like the brightness and color saturation combined with the strong contrasty shadows.

 With every photo shoot, I offer every client multiple styles.  My goal is to provide a wide variety of angles and photographic techniques.  In addition to the standard color photos, I add in some black and whites.  Below, the architectural details of this magnificent home are shown to full advantage.

For one of the photos of the back of the home, I merged two photos and added HDR effects.

Sunny back patio.

 Another angle on the front, in black and white which shows the two-car garage and some of the sweeping landscaping.

Looking from the back of the living room toward the front door.

The adjoining porch next to the living room.

As with every other facet of this home, even the wiring was painstakingly done.  Beautiful job!

One of the beautiful bedrooms.

Photo taken upstairs, looking through the kids' room onto the roof patio.

The kitchen, looking into the living room.  Note two of my stained glass windows to the right, behind the hanging lamp.

Panoramic shot of the porch, featuring the family cat (lower right) and the potbelly stove.(Click on any photo to enlarge).

The living room, photographed in natural light.

Two more of my stained glass windows are on either side of the range hood.

One of several baths.

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