Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nine State Road Trip

From April 29 through May 7, we were on the road again, this time visiting nine states:
The catalyst for our journey was an invitation to attend the wedding of my husband Eric's first cousin once removed, whom he had never met.  They connected through We were delighted to attend a real Tennessee wedding .. Fun!  The bride and groom were married in the shade of a huge old tree and we enjoyed BBQ and Jack Daniels at the reception.  Perfect!
We spent much of our Tennessee time in Franklin, learning about the Battle of Franklin which was fiercely fought there in November of 1865.  The tour guides were especially informative as we made our way through the Lotz House, The Carter House and the Carnton Plantation, site of the wedding.
 We enjoyed people watching at the indoor flea market in Bowling Green, KY.
 My husband gets to meet the most fascinating people through his job!
 We're not really Corvette people, but we couldn't pass up the Museum.  Some beauties here, as well as the poorly damaged cars as a result of the sinkhole.
 Abraham Lincoln's replica cabin where he was born is housed in the majestic building on the middle left. 
 We hit some weather in Indiana ..
 We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with my stepson Brian and his lovely fiance, Emi.  We'll see them again for the Florida wedding in October.  Looking forward to it!
 A farm in PA, on the road home.
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